DKF 12-P Odour filter with active charcoal

for a wide range of Miele cooker hoods.
  • Active charcoal for effective neutralisation of unpleasant odours
  • For DA39x/4xx/42xx/51xx/579x/619x/629x/639x/659x/669x/PUR
  • Replace filter every 6 months to maintain performance
  • Also available as supply pack (2 or 4 units) (DKF 16-P/DKF 17-P) 
  • Contents: 1 filter, dimensions: 28.7 cm x 24.2 cm x 2.0 cm
$ 271.00  *
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DKF 12-P Odour filter with active charcoal
A completely odour-free kitchen
Odour filter with active charcoal
A completely odour-free kitchen
Efficient in absorbing odours: in recirculation mode odours are absorbed and neutralised completely.
For perfect results
Optimum interaction of appliance and accessories
For perfect results
Original Miele accessories were developed especially for Miele kitchen appliances to guarantee perfect results.
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