HUBB 71 Genuine Miele Multi-Purpose Tray

with PerfectClean finish.
  • As a drip tray for meat juices/fat from roasting and grilling
  • For use when roasting with the grilling and roasting insert
  • Fits into FlexiClips or directly into side racks
  • For H 2000/6000/7000 and DGC 6000/7000 appliances
  • Dimensions: 44.8 cm x 38.6 cm x 3.475 cm
  • Especially easy cleaning thanks to Perfect Clean finish
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HUBB 71 Genuine Miele Multi-Purpose Tray
Unique non-stick finish
Exclusive to Miele
PerfectClean finish
Unique non-stick finish
The exclusive PerfectClean finish prevents food from sticking and makes cleaning much easier
For perfect results
Optimum interaction of appliance and accessories
For perfect results
Original Miele accessories were developed especially for Miele kitchen appliances to guarantee perfect results.
Suitable Products
  • HFC 72
  • HFC 71
  • HFC 70
  • HBBR 72
  • HGBB 71
  • HBBR 71
  • HEG
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