Ovens 5 Year Miele Extended Warranty

Enjoy an additional 3 years of our Miele extended warranty, including 2 years manufacturers warranty for a total of 5 years for your ovens.

Ovens 5 Year Miele Extended Warranty

To ensure peace of mind and total protection, Miele offers an additional 3 years of extended warranty on top of Miele’s 2 years manufacturer’s warranty for a total of 5 years coverage from the date of appliance delivery and single charge of $606 (including GST) per appliance.

The Miele Extended Warranty can be purchased from Miele strictly (Miele website, Miele Experience Centre, Miele authorised specialist retailers, and your Miele Service Technician) within the 2 years manufacturer’s warranty period. Following the expiry of the 2 years period, you will not be eligible for the Miele Extended Warranty.

Please read the Miele Extended Warranty Terms & Conditions before proceeding with your purchase: Miele Extended Warranty Terms & Conditions. By purchasing the Miele Extended Warranty, you agree to the Terms & Conditions.

When you purchase a Miele product, you have chosen durability, optimum ease of use and highest quality.

  • Exclusive Miele Warranty: Miele is the only manufacturer to offer a comprehensive Extended Warranty for a total of 10 years - Optionally available from 1-year Extended Warranty.
  • Maximum Security: during this extended warranty period, no repair will be incurred for defects unless cause by intent or gross negligence (T&Cs apply).
  • New for old replacement: you will receive a new appliance if we cannot repair your unit (T&Cs apply).
  • Highest flexibility: You can obtain the Extended Warranty at any time during the entire 2-year statutory warranty period.
  • Reliable and fast: when a repair is required, our highly qualified service technicians will provide fast and reliable assistance.

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