Compact C2 Parquet SDAB4 Obsidian Black Cylinder vacuum cleaner

with protective parquet floorhead for first-class care of delicate hard floors.

  • High suction power – 1,800W
  • Universally applicable – floorhead with metal soleplate
  • Gentle on delicate hard floors – flexible Parquet Twister
  • Lightweight – 6.5 kg with vacuuming accessories
  • Space-saving storage thanks to the Compact System
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Compact C2 Parquet SDAB4 Obsidian Black Cylinder vacuum cleaner
Convenient for right-handed and left-handed use
Park system on both sides for storage
Convenient for right-handed and left-handed use
Easily transported: Suction tube and hose can be securely attached to the upright appliance.
Without inconvenient stooping
Comfort cable rewind with single-touch control
Without inconvenient stooping
Extra quick and convenient: the entire cable can be rewound by merely tapping the switch.
Storage made easy
Exclusive to Miele
Storage made easy
A real space saver: Floorhead and suction tube can be parked on either side of the vacuum cleaner.
Always to hand
A complete range of accessories
Always to hand
Integrated or on a clip: cylinder vacuum cleaners have an upholstery nozzle, a crevice nozzle & a dusting brush.
Incredibly secure with just one click
Practical locking system
Incredibly secure with just one click
Everything is secure: Floorhead, suction tube and handle lock into each other with an audible fit.
Easy handling without tedious stooping
Park system for breaks/with auto shut off
Easy handling without tedious stooping
Practical: floorhead and suction tube are parked at the rear. On selected models the motor switches off.
Castors with steel shaft, gentle on floors
3-point manoeuvrability
Operating radius in m
Cable length in m
Upholstery nozzle
Crevice nozzle
Dusting brush with synthetic bristles
SBD 365-3 floorhead
Parquet brush Twister SBB 300-3
AirClean filter
Cleaning tool
Max. power
Diameter in mm
Height in mm
Weight in kg
Electronic suction power control
6-stage rotary selector
Ergonomic carrying handle
Ergonomic handle
XXL handle
Silence system
Suction tube
Comfort compact telescopic tube
Park system for pauses during vacuuming
Comfort cable rewind
Cylinder vacuum cleaner with dustbag
Product brand
Compact C2
Motor type
Product type
Appliance Colour
Obsidian black
Vacuum cleaner bag type
HyClean FJM
Dustbag volume in l
Dustbag change indicator
Exhaust filter
AirClean filter
Motor protection filter
Locking system for floorhead and handle
Automatic dustbag positioning
Suitable Products
  • SBDH 285-3
  • SBD 650-3
  • SBD 285-3
  • STB 205-3
  • SGC 20
  • SBB 400-3
  • SBB 300-3 PQ Twister
  • SMC 20
  • STB 101
  • SBB Parquet-3
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